Establishment :- 1958.05.08

  • In 1958, this educational Institution was founded by Lanka Mahabodhi Association in Delikanuanga in Dambadeniya in a house which belonged to Mr. D. A. Jayasinghe with eight students (Boys). It was known as Mahabodhi Teachers’ Training College.


  • In 1959 this college was shifted to Galpeella Waulkele, a land 13 acres in extent donated from the protected forest.


  • The training college was nationalized on 03.12.1960.


  • The college began to function as a mixed training school from January 1973 onwards.


  • In 1994 it was named as Buddhist Teachers’ Training school.


  • On 27.06.2003 the era of Teachers’ Training College came to end.


  • Sariputta National College of Education for lay students was established on 13th March, 2005.


  • By now about 153 students are studying in this college of Education.

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Sariputta National College of Education, Dambadeniya, Sri Lanka.



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